Emergency/Exit Light Testing

Emergency/Exit Light Testing

The purpose of emergency and exit lighting is to provide a safe and orderly way for occupants to exit the building in case of an emergency. The little lights that you see mounted on the walls or in the ceiling that you have never seen come on are an intergral part of an evacuation such as a power outage. periodic testing of the battery pack systems that are associated with the emergency lighting is important to ensure peace of mind that in case of emergency they will operate as designed.

Annual Inspection and Certification

  • 30 minute minimum full function test
  • Disconnect AC power supply to each unit
  • Check battery and lens for corrosion
  • Clean unit and lens as required
  • Adjust beam for proper alignment
  • Check charging system voltage
  • Check battery voltage output

Regularly scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance by Sprouse Fire & Safety helps ensure emergency lighting batteries, battery charging systems, bulbs, and other emergency exit lighting system hardware receive the attention they need for effective performance.

Regulatory Requirements

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code

  • An employer must ensure that there is emergency lighting at a work site is workers are in danger of the normal lighting system fails
  • Emergency lighting must generate enough light so that workers can
    • (a) leave the work site safety,
    • (b) start the necessary emergency shut-down procedures, and
    • (c) restore normal lighting

NFPA 101
* Requires an annual test of all emergency and exit lighting systems

Alberta Building Code
* Requires proper illumination of means of egress
* Requires assurance that emergency and exit lighting systems will provide illumination for at least 30 minutes

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