Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Sprouse Fire & Safety offers a complete Fire Training Program to educate and prepare your employees on the proper techniques of fighting a fire. No matter how small or large your business is, employees should be trained on the proper use of the fire extinguishing equipment you have installed.

The Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code (2003) specify that workers be trained in the safe operation of equipment and that workers are competent (Regulation 13(1), 15(1)). Training may involve taking a course or attending a session offered by a competent person who is aware of the hazards associated with various operations and can offer guidelines for avoiding injury.

Sprouse Fire & Safety instructors have experience in fire fighting and safety training. Our instructors are graduates of The Alberta Fire Training School.

Phase I
is a classroom session in which instructors review the proper application teechniques of portable fire extinguishers, how to identify the different classes of fire, and also deal with any special hazards you might encounter at your place of business.
Approximate time need for Phase I is 40 minutes.

Phase II is a hands-on Training Program. Training is conducted under safe and controlled conditions on various techniques of fighting the different classes of fires. Demonstrations will include how to handle special fires, three-dimensional fires, gravity fed fires, obstacle fires, and any other hazards that might be present in your faciluty.
Approximate time needed for Phase II is 30-45 minutes.

Our fire training seminars feature a specifically designed Mobile Training unit complete with all the necessary equipment for conducting Phase II of the Fire Training Program at your facility.

All employees who attend the Sprouse Fire & Safety training seminar receive a course certificate of completion. This certificate can be used as proof of compliance with various OH&S regulations and can become part of their employment record.

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