Supression System Certification

Supression System Certification

Fire Suppression Systems

The suppression system that is located under the exhaust hood in your local restaurant is not only to protect what is located under the canopy, but also any part of the building that may be affected by a fire occurring in the exhaust ducts. With all the new technology involved in commercial appliances in regards to energy conservation and efficiency, the fire protection industry had to ensure that the suppression system were capable of extinguishing the fires and preventing the chance of re-ignition. Kitchen suppression systems offer protection when cooking is occurring and also offers protection when the restaurant is empty. There is both the opportunity to manually release the chemical if a fire occurs while cooking is taking place, and there is also an automatic detection system that will activate at a certain temperature even if the building is un-occupied.

Inspection & Certification

Sprouse Fire & Safety performs semi-annual inspections that are required as per N.F.P.A. standards, the Alberta Fire Code, and the new U.L. 300 standards.

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