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Fire Safety Services for Sprinklers, Hydrants, and More in Western Alberta

Don't leave the safety of your premises to chance. Ensure your sprinklers and hydrants are fully operational and compliant with regulatory standards. At SPROUSE FIRE & SAFETY, we specialize in comprehensive fire safety services in Western Alberta. Our expert team is experienced in testing, repairing, and maintaining sprinklers, hydrants, and cross-connections.
Four Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguisher

Ensure Fire Preparedness to Safeguard Your Premises

Sprinklers and hydrants demand periodic inspections and maintenance so they are fully operational in case of a fire. Mandatory checks and records are also crucial for regulatory compliance. You need a fire safety service partner you can count on to assure that your sprinkler systems and hydrants are ready to spring into action when needed.

Experts at Your Service

Some of the key services offered by our expert team include:

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Our comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection services ensure that your system is in optimal working condition, ready to provide immediate protection against fires and minimize potential damage.

Hydrant Inspection

Our thorough hydrant inspection ensures that your fire hydrants are fully functional, providing a reliable and accessible water supply for firefighters to combat fires effectively.

Cross-Connection Inspection

Our cross-connection inspection services guarantee that your water distribution system remains free from contamination, adhering to safety regulations and protecting your water quality and fire protection systems.

Sprinkler Backflow Inspection

Our expert sprinkler backflow inspection ensures that your system remains free from backflow, safeguarding the potable water supply and maintaining the integrity of your fire protection infrastructure.

Standpipe Inspection

We also ensure that your equipment is fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Our standpipe inspections are based on NFPA 14 guidelines, while sprinkler inspections follow NFPA 13 requirements.
Fire Extinguisher Illustration
Fire Extinguisher Illustration

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Our commitment to excellence and strict adherence to safety standards ensures your property is well-prepared to handle fire emergencies effectively. Trust us to safeguard your assets and create a fire-safe environment for your property and its occupants. Call us today at 1-855-337-7776 to schedule an appointment.